Toshiba Satellite C655-S5132

In the process of getting ready to move, I stumbled across an old laptop.  I’m not entirely sure where it came from.  On the case there is a Windows 7 sticker but when I turned it on nothing booted. I deleted the master boot record and then proceeded to spend way too much time trying to reinstall Windows 7. After that failed to work, I spent even more time tring to install Windows XP.

I found an old boot iso for Linux Mint 10 and was sort of surprised when it installed without any issues. That said, that version was so out of date that it was nearly worthless. Maybe someone with better Linux skills would be able to make it functional but that was past me.

So then I installed the most recent version of Mint (20.3 XFSE) and…  IT WORKS!!! sort of… I’m using it to type this post, but it is SLOW. Chrome was way too memmory intensive to use. Firefox wasn’t much better. After downloading several other browsers I found that Midori was functional.

This all leads me to believe that there is some O/S out there that will give this system a little more life but Mint 20 is just a little too much.