A Fresh Start

After several years of only occasionally updating this website, I decided to level it and start over.

In all honesty the jetshack.com website has never had a real direction. Jetshack is an anagram for my last name. In the 17ish years I’ve had this domain the only real use the domain has served has been to have uniquish email addresses for my wife and myself. The website has always been an afterthought. I don’t anticipate that changing.

The decision to level the site came when I realized I was paying for a domain that I hadn’t used in several years. That domain however was the domain that my hosting account was saved under. Switching the hosting account from that domain to this one and saving the website was possible but overly complicated. Considering there wasn’t really anything on jetshack I cared about saving I thought it was OK to let it vanish into the ether. So I had my provider make the switch.

I was left with a broken mess of nonsense on the backend of this site, so I deleted everything and started fresh. Instead of installing WordPress (which I have been using in one fashion or another for 15 years), I decided to go with something really small and simple. I donated $10 or so to WonderCMS years ago and noticed that they still had a link pointing to this site. So I thought I’d return the favor and use their software for the resurrection.

After it’s all said and done, I don’t know what will be happening here however, I don’t picture there being any more drastic changes in the future.