02 May 2018 MS Email Reward

At some point I signed up for a weekly Microsoft newsletter.  In that newsletter there are generally 4 links which if followed will reward 50 points.

I’ve created a page on this website to keep track of those links.  I don’t think the reward points expire until two or three months after the email is sent out.

Go click on the links on this page to receive some free Microsoft Rewards points!

Using chrome to simulate a mobile experience

I’ve been putting together a purchase order which involved a bunch of searching for product prices.  I thought I’d look to see how hard it was to simulate a mobile experience in a browser.

In chrome it took a total of 3 clicks.  The end result being:

This is the first day I’ve ever maxed out reward points.

JetShack is Stephen Fry proof thanks to caching by WP Super Cache