MS Reward Email Points

I ended up on a mailing list for the MS Rewards program.  Every week they send me an email with 4 links that if followed reward 50 points (total).  As I receive those emails I’ll post the links here.


Email sent out on 29 May 18
20 points What country has the most donut shops per capita?
10 points Jae Yong Kim donut art
10 points How many donuts do Americans eat each year?
10 points donut recipes
Email sent out on 23 May 18
20 points How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?
10 points How did the Golden Gate Bridge get its name
10 points Golden Gate Bridge built in 1933
10 points What is the Palace of Fine Arts?
Email sent out on 16 May 18
20 points Sir Edmund Hillary beekeeper
10 points honey bee crop pollination
10 points number of bee species
10 points inside a beehive
Email sent out on 08 May 18
20 points first transcontinental railroad open date
10 points Mt Fuji from Japanese bullet train
10 points When were standard time zones created?
10 points Mission Impossible train scene
Email sent out on 04 May 18
10 points (?) Goldie Hawn
Email sent out on 02 May 18
20 points American Red Cross founder Clara Baton
10 points vintage military nurse posters
10 points What is the origin of the word nurse?
10 points Walt Whitman nurse


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