Google Photos

I love Google Photos.

I go through smart phones pretty quickly (every 6 months or so) and in the past have been horrible about backing up my pictures. The net effect being I’ve lost several years worth of pictures. Google Photos has solved this problem for me.  It automatically backs up my pictures to the cloud. And with a couple of settings tweaks it backs them up to my Google Drive.

Even more awesome Google Photos will soon do automatic document scanning…  along the lines of this:


Capturing Keystrokes and Mouse Clicks – TinyTask

I found myself repeating the same set of actions multiple times. One of the things computers are supposed to be good at is repetitive tasks so I decided to find a way to automate this process. I tried several programs but the majority of them had issues that I didn’t want to deal with either being overly complicated or trialware or buggy.

Then I stumbled across a program called TinyTask. It did everything I wanted and nothing that I didn’t. It was also simple to use.

I decided to host a version of the software here for a couple of reasons: I don’t trust download sites and I might want this program at school but most download sites are blocked there while my website is not.


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