In the Part One of this series I highly recommended autosurfing with Alexamaster and then selling back the earned points as a means to use a Raspberry Pi to generate passive income.

In part two of this series I’m going to suggest something a little different. Don’t sell the earned points back to Alexamaster. Instead directly sell that traffic to another website.

Using a Raspberry to sell Traffic

Selling Traffic

This isn’t as hard as it sounds.  There are several places where you can sell “Anonymous Direct Traffic” if you know where to look.  As long as you’re up front and honest about where this traffic is coming from people will gladly pay for it.  They won’t pay a lot, but they’ll pay more than Alexamaster will pay you.

I’ve found that in general 10,000 hits can be sold for about $1.00 (give or take). I’ve also seen that using the setup mentioned in Part One of this series that the Raspberry Pi will generate roughly 1000 hits a day.  This means that theoretically you could triple your monthly earnings by directly selling traffic.

However, this is probably more work than you’re willing to do for an additional $2 a month. That’s why I would recommend a slightly different setup if you’re going to directly sell traffic to another website.

One of the main reasons for recommending Alexamaster was because to the best of my knowledge their program was the only program that I could find that:

  1. Wasn’t a scam
  2. Worked on a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3
  3. Ran reliably
  4. Would pay you back for the hits you generated.

Other Exchanges

But if we’re going to directly sell the traffic ourselves then we don’t need to use Alexamaster because there are lot’s of programs that meet the first 3 criteria.  And if we’re not going to use Alexamaster then we can use a browser other than Firefox (which is fairly resource intensive). And if we’re not going to use Firefox then we don’t need to use Ubuntu Mate (which is fairly resource intensive).  Instead we can install Raspbian as our O/S (less resource intensive) and we can use the default browser, Epiphany, (less resource intensive) as our browser.

By doing this we can double the amount of traffic we can generate. I’ve found that for days on end I can reliably run 2 autosurfs on a Raspberry Pi 2 without it hanging or crashing. Running a third causes it to throw up it’s arms in defeat in less than an hour.

That means we now have ~60,000 website hits we can sell every month or roughly $6 worth of traffic.  Still not a whole lot but at least we’re talking about a value meal at McDonald’s. But there’s still going to be the work involved of finding someone to sell this traffic to.

Create a Service

To solve this I don’t try to sell 60,000 hits every month. Instead I sell a subscription service of “50,000 hits a month” for $5 and over deliver. I’ve found selling a subscription service to be much less work and it’s also a much easier sell.

The really cool thins is that the subscription can be setup in PayPal.  Which means as long as:

  1. I don’t receive a notice from PayPal that payment hasn’t been made or
  2. I don’t receive an email from my buyer that they’re not receiving traffic

it’s completely hand’s free.

And I like hand’s free. That’s the definition of why I started this blog.

In part 3 of this series I’ll detail several traffic exchanges that can be used to generate anonymous direct traffic.

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Earnhoney – An old laptop makes than $3.00+ a day.

I’m really surprised at the response I received to my first article on Earnhoney. So I thought I’d expound upon what my actual setup is.

My Earnhoney Setup

I have an old laptop that my wife and I had retired. I think the specs on it are that it’s a single core Celeron running at <2GHz with 2GB of ram and a 250 GB hard drive. I tried to install Windows 10 on it but that ended in failure. It would just hang in the boot sequence. So it was put on a shelf and forgotten about.

But it bothered me that it was sitting on a shelf doing nothing.  It just sat there nagging at me.  So I got it off the shelf and took another stab at getting it running.  Instead of fighting with Windows, I installed Linux Mint.  And it booted up like a dream.

It was around this same time that I was introduced to Earnhoney. I figured what better use for this old laptop than to sit in the background and earn some passive cash.

Earnhoney’s Current Promotion

For the last several weeks Earnhoney has been having a promotion where if you have one tab open watching the video’s at Earnhoney and at the same time have one tab open watching the video’s at matchedcars.com you’ll  receive 3x the points that you normally would on the matched cars tab.

At least that’s the way that I understand it. I did just enough testing to sort of back up what I’d found. I played with different configurations of tabs open, minimized, which tabs were visible, if it mattered if they were in a separate instance of the browser vs a secondary tab.

The end result was that depending upon the setup that I was running my earnings varied from 3 cents to 11.4 cents per hour (which equates to $2.75 a day). I’ve actually been able to improve upon that number over the last few weeks and I’ve been cashing out $5.00 to my PayPal account at least every other day.

My Setup

What I found that worked the best was to go to Earnhoney‘s site and click on the matchedcars promotion at the top of the page. On the subsequent page find the ad that links to the matchedcars promotion (it’s the one that states you’ll earn $15 HD per hour). When you click on that another tab will open up.  Don’t look at it yet.  Instead click on “watch” in the left column and then start the video which pops up.

earnhoney example #1

At that point go to the tab that was opened and find the link to the matched cars website (you might have to wait here… I think there’s a 20 second delay between when you opened the tab and when the page with the link will appear).

earnhoney example #2

This page could either be a google result or their facebook page but it doesn’t matter which one it is as both will get you where you need to go. Once you click on the link to matched cars start the video there.

earnhoney example #3

And then sit back.

I titled this post how I earn $3.00 a day on an old laptop.  That was actually a little bit off.  Over the last week Earnhoney has been averaging about $3.20 a day.  In addition, I’m running another program which should be generating about $1.20 a day.  I’m waiting until I receive a cash out before I bring it up here.  Finally there’s another program which I hope will bring in another $.60 a day (that’s further down the line).  If it works out then the laptop that sat on a shelf will be earning close to $150 a month.

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Passive Income with a Raspberry Pi (Part 1 – Alexamaster)

I’ve had a hard time finding a passive income stream that works with a Raspberry Pi. Not having the ability to use Flash is a real killer. Couple that with being under-specced (especially the older models) for most applications and it seems like the Pi is always coming up just a little bit short.

However, I think I’ve found a way to monetize a Pi through having it autosurf. This isn’t going to be a massive moneymaker, but it will at least give the Raspberry a way to be put into service as a part of a passive income strategy.

To this point I’ve figured out how to setup a Raspberry Pi 2 and a Raspberry Pi 3 but I haven’t figured out how to bring the older models into the income stream. Using the word stream may be a misnomer also, it’s probably going to be more like a trickle.

My best estimate at this point is that the worst case scenario has the Pi earning 3.5 cents a day. This equates to about $1.00 a month after electricity costs have been accounted for. (I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to raise that number to $1+ a day by combining a couple of services together. I’ll discuss that in Part 3.)

To start this off we need to get an autosurf working on our Raspberry Pi.  I’ve tried several and the first one that I found that works really well is Alexamaster. I’ve had a Raspberry Pi 2 autosurfing uninterrupted for a little under a day now using Alexamaster.

To do this I went with the Ubuntu Mate image available at the official page for Raspberry Pi. I tried Raspbian with several autosurf programs and it just struggled. The Ubuntu image worked right out of the box. (If you’re reading this I’m going to assume you know how to set up your Pi.  There area million tutorials out there that will explain it if you don’t.)

Once Ubuntu was installed I fired up the pre-installed Firefox browser and pointed it to Alexamaster and created an account there. Once that was done I did as they suggested and installed the Alexa Toolbar extension for Firefox. Then I clicked on the Earn Points -> Autosurf tab and then I sat back. It just worked.

Like I said, I haven’t touched my Pi in almost 24 hours. I have it running headless but I know it’s still surfing because from my desktop I’ve checked my Profile page on Alexamaster and my points are steadily increasing. To this point my accrued point balance equates to a cash out value of ALMOST 3.5 cents. But those points intrigue me. If they mean what I think they mean then Part 2 of this guide is going to be where we exponentially increase our earning from having our Raspberry Pi autosurfing.

The ToS for Alexamaster  dictate that you can autosurf from as many computers as you’d like BUT each computer needs to be on a separate IP. I’m a big believer in following ToS’s to the letter and as such I have no intention of trying to figure out a work around that would allow me to run more instances of Alexamaster‘s autosurf program on the Pi at my house. Depending on how much babysitting the Pi is going to need it might end up making sense to place some headless units at other locations with the ability to SSH into them. For now I’ll try to find a couple of other autosurf programs that will work on the Pi alongside Alexamaster . This actually fits one of my main overall strategies of passive earning – diversification.  As I find other programs that will autosurf with a Raspberry Pi I’ll place them in Part 3 of this series.

income with alexamaster

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Lucktastic – Guilty Pleasure

I don’t know why I like Lucktastic but I do. Theoretically there’s nothing about this I should like.  It’s not passive, it recreates scratch and win tickets (which I don’t like). The payouts take forever to accomplish. BUT… I find myself turning this on 3 or 4 times a week.

So with that out of the way, here’s my review.

Lucktastic is an ad-supported, free-to-play virtual scratch card webapp available for iPhone and Android phones. There are about a half a dozen daily virtual scratch cards available within the app, with prizes ranging from $1 to $5000. There are also a couple of cards that only award tokens. Actually every card awards a few tokens via a bonus area. After it’s all said and done with, you will very very rarely win a cash prize but you will earn about 1000 tokens per day played. 1000 tokens is sort of equivalent to $.35 (It’s hard to nail down specifically because there is quite a bit of variation in card prices. I’m basing my number on a $50 Amazon Gift Card.)

Tokens can be used to purchase all sorts of gift cards.  After 4 months I have yet to cash out anything so I can’t speak to how quickly payouts occur, but according to other reviews they happen fairly quickly. I’m saving up for a $50 Amazon Gift Card which costs 130,000 tokens.  I estimate at my current rate of play that means I’ll earn somewhere around $100 per year. So for my accounting purposes I set this at $8 a month.  If I was more religious in my playing this might bump up to $12 per month.

It’s not a whole lot. And it definitely isn’t passive but when my wife has “The Real Housewives” of wherever on I find myself scratching these stupid tickets on Lucktastic .

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InstaGC- Passive Income (for an Ipad)

Several years ago the school I work at received a grant that gave 50 Ipad’s to it’s teachers.  I was one of the ones who was lucky enough to receive one.  The Ipad worked great for 2 years, but gradually (as ios updated) has become slower and slower.  At this point the thing is nearly unusable.  It’s been sitting on a shelf for the better part of the last year.

I’ve wanted to add it to my passive income stream but hadn’t been able to find a program which would reliably run on it. However, a couple of days ago I found a program called InstaGC.  I had looked at InstaGC several months ago but at that point there weren’t any truly passive ways to make income.  I don’t want to fill out surveys.  I don’t want to complete offers.  I don’t want to bother with inputting a code when it’s emailed to me.  I want to set my device up and promptly forget about it.

But now, InstaGC ALMOST fits this bill.

InstaGC has instituted an option to be paid points to watch videos. For every 5 videos you watch you’ll receive 1 point.  100 points is equivalent to $1.00. You’ll find this option under the “earn / videos” tab on the website. (I’m hesitant to link directly to the page because I’ve heard stories of people being banned for linking directly to that page. It’s located at https://www.instagc.com/earn/ if you want to copy and paste that into your browser.)

Here’s the thing though, after accruing 5-10 points the video player will need to be refreshed. Effectively this means about every 45 minutes to an hour the device will stop earning points and need to be refreshed. My workaround for this is that I’ve moved my Ipad to a an unobtrusive spot that I walk by several times a day and every time I walk by it I spend the extra 3 seconds it takes to refresh the page (whether it needs to be refreshed or not).  So far I’m remembering to do this 5 or 6 times a day and in so doing am averaging about 50 points (50 cents) per day.  Not great and not totally passive but at least I’ve found something that the Ipad can sort of do.

Let me make this clear, the only thing as of right now I’m suggesting you run InstaGC on are ios devices that nothing else will work on. There are better options for nearly everything else.

At this point I’ve been using InstaGC for a total of 3 days and have just over 160 points.  Once I’ve been running the program for a month I’ll post a follow up with my overall results.


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