Consolidating – November 2016 Update

Since the last time I updated this site, several things have happened. Consolidating just a couple of things is going to save me over $800 a year. Here’s a list of the big 4 things that have happened in the last 2 months:

  1. Earned an A in MIT822 and EDL850 at FHSU
  2. Finished XC season and started swimming
  3. Left Verizon and moved to Virgin Mobile
  4. Consolidated multiple hosting packages into one

I’ve been busy and the by product of that is not much (observable) has happened on this website.


As mentioned above I’m doing well in my coursework towards my Masters in Instructional Technology. In fact due to a bug that kept popping up when I was submitting my assignments, I created a subdomain off of jetshack and am using it to post my assignments.


October also saw the Cross Country season draw to an end and the start of the swimming season. While I enjoy coaching, the beginning and the end of every season is stressful and time consuming.


The third point I mentioned above I bring up because I feel that it relates to the… mission?? of this site and the point of this post – consolidating.  I had been with Verizon for over 14 years. I won’t go into the details of what prompted me to leave, but in the end I’ll be saving over $65 a month by making the switch. Passive income is awesome, but what’s even more awesome is finding in your budget that you don’t have to spend.

Consolidating items


I own (owned) several websites located on several different servers. There was a site for my swimming team and another for the track and cross country team.  I had a site for my wife’s pom team and I also had a site where I talked about raspberry pi’s. This is in addition to my classroom site and this website.  The only one of these website’s which gets updated on a regular basis is my classroom site. So I decided to take down the three team websites and the one dedicated to the pi. This left me with only 2.

I had been hosting my classroom site and this site with different companies but since I decided to take the other 4 down there wasn’t any reason that I could see to continue hosting the sites on different servers.  So last night, I moved jetshack to my Namecheap hosting account.  This means I won’t need to pay the monthly fee of $4.99 that had been paying for hosting.

Now that it’s said and done, consolidating my hosting and switching mobile carriers I’ll be saving over $800 a year.  On a teachers salary that’s a HUGE deal.

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