RewardableTV using Pixi Eclipses – Good so far

New Alcatel Pixi Eclipses Phones

RewardableTV might have just entered into my farm routine.  I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to pick up a couple of phones for my farm.  The phones I had planned on picking up weren’t in stock so I took a gamble and picked up 2 Alcatel Pixi Eclipses.  They were on sale for $14.40 (current price $19.99).

Pixi Eclipse

Once the phones were home and opened, I started charging them.  While they were charging I attempted to load PerkTv on them.  But that didn’t work.  So I tried to load checkpoints on them.  But that didn’t work either.  I then tried to load the YooLotto app on it.  But once again no luck.

I was starting to become frustrated so I went to reddit to see if anyone had had any luck with these phones.  I couldn’t find any mention of them.  So then I started looking for other passive app programs which I had been ignoring.

RewardableTVRewardableTV Logo

This is when I stumbled onto RewardableTV. I loaded their app on the phones without any issues. Once that was done, I created my account, and then I set the phones up in my farm.  I checked back in an hour later and the phones were at what equates to 50 cents. I did a double take on that, and then I did some math. Those 2 phones were on pace to make a combined $12 a day.

Now that the phones have been running for 24 hours I’m starting to get a better idea of their earning potential.  While not as stellar as that initial estimate, over the course of the last 24 hours those 2 phones have earned $2.25.  Which makes sense because that’s about a dollar a day per phone and there’s a 7 device limit per account and per IP.  7 phones would be making a little more than $7 a day.

I’m going to let these two phones run for the remainder of this month and if they keep up this pace I’ll buy 5 more of the Eclipses to bring my total to 7 for the start of next month.

RewardableTV is fairly new into the mobile app game and there has been some growing pains recently.  Unlike others I am much more apt to overlook this because of how passive this app is.  The electricity cost per phone is about 5 cents per month.  As long as this app is earning that I’ll let it continue to run.

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