Convert Autosurf Traffic to Manual Traffic

When I started trying to monetize old Raspberry Pi’s, I didn’t realize the rabbit hole I was going down. After nearly a month of tinkering I’m only slightly closer to turning those Raspberry Pi’s into money makers.  However, I think I’ve stumbled on a way to convert traffic earned on any autosurf into manual traffic.  There is some conversion loss, BUT…  In my head I’d gladly give up 10 autosurf hits for one actual eyeball.

100% Legal

I also don’t think any ToS are being broken using this method. As in this is 100% legit. The freaky thing is how simple it is to pull off.

Convert Traffic Exchanges

It works like this, create an account at Hitlink.  After that, login to the members area and look under the Manage Ads tab for a sub tab called “Ad Exchange”.  Finally, highlight the ad exchange code and place it on a landing page.  It’ll look like this.

Now point any autosurf traffic that you have to this landing page.

The Result

Hitlink will give you credit for the all of the traffic that is sent to the landing page.  You can use that credit in their manual surf exchange and point that traffic to something that would be great for an actual eyeball to see.

It’s seriously that simple to convert traffic  generated by botting and turn it into traffic which has to manually click through.  What sort of affects will it have on conversion rates?

I’m going to let this run for a few days and see what happens.  If it works the way I hope I’ll spend a few days trying to find other traffic exchanges which let you convert traffic in this manner.  (In addition to working on Part 3 of the Raspberry Pi article – finding autosurfs that work).

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