SwagBucks – A Passive Earnings Guide

SwagBucks is one of the Granddaddy’s of sites that help you make money online.  SwagBucks has been around since 2006 and are one of the few companies that this website covers that I would consider “stable”.


SwagBucks has multiple options employed to allow you to earn money. However, most of these methods require a much larger time commitment then I’m willing to give them.  So instead of focusing on all of the different ways you can make money with SwagBucks , I’m going to focus on the 5 methods that I use:

  1. Automated Videos
  2. Daily Bonus
  3. Searching
  4. Shopping
  5. Referrals

Swagbucks Automated Videos

This is the bread and butter of my SwagBucks strategy. They have created 6 freely downloadable apps.  Each of which works the same way. You “watch” videos and you receive SwagBucks (SBs) for doing so.  That’s it.

The 6 apps can easily be found on the app store.  Here are their names:

  1. SBTV
  2. EntertaiNow
  3. Moviecli.ps
  4. Sportly.tv
  5. Indymusic.tv
  6. Lifestylz.tv

Join Swagbucks!

The great thing is they don’t require you to interact with them.  They just play videos one right after the other. To make it even better, you can specify which videos you want to run by setting favorites AND then you can watch the same video repeatedly. Do you see where this is headed?  I set a favorite video that is 10 seconds. I then go to the Favorited Videos section and set the app to play that 10 second video on repeat.

It is so easy to load these 6 apps on a phone and let them run and then periodically check in on the phone to make sure that it hasn’t quit earning.  If it has then move on to the next app.  I have my SwagBucks phone located by the television in my house.  Every time I pass by the television I glance at that phone. I seriously spend less than 1 minute a day on this.


There are a couple of catches.  You can only watch one app at a time and you’re only guaranteed to earn 10 SBs per app per day.  That being said, there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t qualified for “Bonus Rounds’. In fact I have yet to ever completely run out of videos to watch in a day.

In fact, I nearly always reach my Daily Bonus by watching videos.

Swagbucks Daily Bonus

The Daily Bonus is awesome. It is literally free money. Every day you are given a certain number of SBs to reach as a goal.  If you reach that goal you’ll be given a bonus.  Usually that bonus is around 10% of what the goal was.  For instance today my goal was 89 SBs. When I reached it I received a bonus of 8 SBs.

Goals vary in amount. When you initially sign up for SwagBucks they set the goals fairly low. Once you’re a few weeks in the goal amounts will increase. I haven’t kept track of this exactly but I’d say the average goal amount for me over the last two months has been around 110 SBs.  There have been days when it’s been more (yesterdays goal was 180) but there are days when it’s less (like today.)

This brings me to the one part of SwagBucks which has sucked me in. They have set up a Streak Bonus. If you meet your daily goal for 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, and for the entire month you receive 25 SBs, 100 SBs, 200 SBs, and 300 SBs respectively.  If you’ve been following this site you know that I love passive money. But, I’ve been known to fill out a survey or two in order to keep my Streak Bonus alive.

All in all you could be looking at over $10 a month in bonuses and since the primary method you’ll be getting these bonuses is completely passive, it’s like free money.

Swagbucks Searches

Another way to make a few extra SBs every day is to pass your searches through the SwagBucks search engine. When I say their search engine I actually mean that they’ve signed a partnership with Yahoo to deliver the search results.  I don’t find the results as good as Google but then again Google isn’t paying me money to use their search engine.


After lots and lots of testing here’s what I’ve found.  At most I’ve received bonuses 4 times in one 24 hour period. Usually 2 of those bonuses happen within the first 20 or 30 searches that I make. After the second bonus is delivered there is AT LEAST a 4 hour wait before a 3rd bonus is given.  That being the case, I usually only use the SwagBucks Search until that second bonus is given then I switch back to Google.

The bonuses themselves range from a couple of SBs to several dozen.  I had one which awarded 48 SBs. My guess on the average is around 8 to 10 SBs per bonus.  These extra SBs come in extra handy on days when the Daily Bonus is over 150. On days when the Daily Bonus is low I sometimes don’t even bother with searching through SwagBucks .

Swagbucks Shopping

This one is awesome for me. The best thing for me about earning SBs through shopping is that I personally have never done it.  My wife does almost all of the online shopping, so she does it!  It took me a while to convince her of it, but once I got her on board it has been great.  There have been some months where she out earns me by simply shopping as she normally would.

The way she was convinced was when I showed her how she didn’t have to change any of her behavior unless a notification popped on her screen. She was sold when in one shopping trip she made nearly 2000 SBs ($20) for clicking that one extra button.

SwagBucks is partially frustrating for me because I can’t forecast my earnings because I don’t know what my wife is going to be buy.  So some months SwagBucks tops my earnings charts while other months it falls to as low as fourth.

Swagbucks Referrals

The final way I’ve found to passively make money using SwagBucks is through the referral process.  While possibly the hardest thing to accomplish it has the potential to be the best earner of the bunch. The idea is very simple, get people to sign up and use SwagBucks and SwagBucks will reward you with a bonus equal to 10% of their earnings.

Here’s how I approach it. My natural disposition is not to be a salesperson. It’s just not who I am. I use SwagBucks daily. It’s a great service and I recommend it to my friends and family when they ask about it. But at the end of the day I don’t actively promote it (this site excluded).

They don’t send spam, they keep your information safe, and they offer a great service. Combine that with an additional $50 a month and I can’t see a down side.

Right now SwagBucks is offering a promotion that makes it silly not to sign up under someone else’s referral ID.  If you sign up as a referral you’ll receive 300 SBs ($3) free. Technically that means you could sign up and then cash it out immediately for $2 in Amazon Gift Cards and then never use your account again. I think that’s unlikely though because of how awesome the service is.


SwagBucks is an amazing program. In this article I’ve focused on 5 ways you can use SwagBucks that allow you to earn money nearly completely passively and with little to no change in routine.  And with a current sign up bonus of $3.00 I can’t think of a reason not to sign up.



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