Bing Rewards – Passive Income (Paid to Search)

Microsoft has a search engine.  It’s called Bing. Over the last few years it’s been eating into Google’s dominance of the search engine area. The latest results I’ve found show that Bing makes up nearly 20% of the searches made on the internet.

Bing Rewards

Here’s the thing though. Microsoft will reward you if you create an account with them and use their search engine, Google won’t. The results aren’t bad either.  I won’t say that they’re better than Google, but I’d go almost so far as to say it’s indiscernible.

So for me, this is a no brainer.  I’m not altering my behavior in any way but I have an additional revenue stream. This is a textbook example of the sort of program I love.

Make the switch to Bing

I’ve switched my default search engine to Bing. I’ve also switched my wife’s and son’s default search engine to Bing. (I don’t think either has noticed yet.) The end result is we have 3 accounts using this program and each account makes about 50 cents a day.

Bing Rewards issues giftcards for Microsoft products. Fortunately there are places like Craigslist and Reddit’s GiftCardExchange where you can easily trade the gift cards you earn for things you actually want.  There’s a penalty involved, but I’ve found you can usually convert the Microsoft cards to PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards at about 85% of their face value.

The end result is that this program nets me about $40 a month for a time commitment of about 10 minutes.

Several bots can be used to automate the process of completing the daily tasks. However, this is obviously against the ToS set forth by Microsoft.  There isn’t any need to bot.  Just create a rewards account, login, and switch your default search engine to Bing and the points will accrue on their own.


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