In the Part One of this series I highly recommended autosurfing with Alexamaster and then selling back the earned points as a means to use a Raspberry Pi to generate passive income.

In part two of this series I’m going to suggest something a little different. Don’t sell the earned points back to Alexamaster. Instead directly sell that traffic to another website.

Using a Raspberry to sell Traffic

Selling Traffic

This isn’t as hard as it sounds.  There are several places where you can sell “Anonymous Direct Traffic” if you know where to look.  As long as you’re up front and honest about where this traffic is coming from people will gladly pay for it.  They won’t pay a lot, but they’ll pay more than Alexamaster will pay you.

I’ve found that in general 10,000 hits can be sold for about $1.00 (give or take). I’ve also seen that using the setup mentioned in Part One of this series that the Raspberry Pi will generate roughly 1000 hits a day.  This means that theoretically you could triple your monthly earnings by directly selling traffic.

However, this is probably more work than you’re willing to do for an additional $2 a month. That’s why I would recommend a slightly different setup if you’re going to directly sell traffic to another website.

One of the main reasons for recommending Alexamaster was because to the best of my knowledge their program was the only program that I could find that:

  1. Wasn’t a scam
  2. Worked on a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3
  3. Ran reliably
  4. Would pay you back for the hits you generated.

Other Exchanges

But if we’re going to directly sell the traffic ourselves then we don’t need to use Alexamaster because there are lot’s of programs that meet the first 3 criteria.  And if we’re not going to use Alexamaster then we can use a browser other than Firefox (which is fairly resource intensive). And if we’re not going to use Firefox then we don’t need to use Ubuntu Mate (which is fairly resource intensive).  Instead we can install Raspbian as our O/S (less resource intensive) and we can use the default browser, Epiphany, (less resource intensive) as our browser.

By doing this we can double the amount of traffic we can generate. I’ve found that for days on end I can reliably run 2 autosurfs on a Raspberry Pi 2 without it hanging or crashing. Running a third causes it to throw up it’s arms in defeat in less than an hour.

That means we now have ~60,000 website hits we can sell every month or roughly $6 worth of traffic.  Still not a whole lot but at least we’re talking about a value meal at McDonald’s. But there’s still going to be the work involved of finding someone to sell this traffic to.

Create a Service

To solve this I don’t try to sell 60,000 hits every month. Instead I sell a subscription service of “50,000 hits a month” for $5 and over deliver. I’ve found selling a subscription service to be much less work and it’s also a much easier sell.

The really cool thins is that the subscription can be setup in PayPal.  Which means as long as:

  1. I don’t receive a notice from PayPal that payment hasn’t been made or
  2. I don’t receive an email from my buyer that they’re not receiving traffic

it’s completely hand’s free.

And I like hand’s free. That’s the definition of why I started this blog.

In part 3 of this series I’ll detail several traffic exchanges that can be used to generate anonymous direct traffic.

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