Earnhoney – An old laptop makes than $3.00+ a day.

I’m really surprised at the response I received to my first article on Earnhoney. So I thought I’d expound upon what my actual setup is.

My Earnhoney Setup

I have an old laptop that my wife and I had retired. I think the specs on it are that it’s a single core Celeron running at <2GHz with 2GB of ram and a 250 GB hard drive. I tried to install Windows 10 on it but that ended in failure. It would just hang in the boot sequence. So it was put on a shelf and forgotten about.

But it bothered me that it was sitting on a shelf doing nothing.  It just sat there nagging at me.  So I got it off the shelf and took another stab at getting it running.  Instead of fighting with Windows, I installed Linux Mint.  And it booted up like a dream.

It was around this same time that I was introduced to Earnhoney. I figured what better use for this old laptop than to sit in the background and earn some passive cash.

Earnhoney’s Current Promotion

For the last several weeks Earnhoney has been having a promotion where if you have one tab open watching the video’s at Earnhoney and at the same time have one tab open watching the video’s at matchedcars.com you’ll  receive 3x the points that you normally would on the matched cars tab.

At least that’s the way that I understand it. I did just enough testing to sort of back up what I’d found. I played with different configurations of tabs open, minimized, which tabs were visible, if it mattered if they were in a separate instance of the browser vs a secondary tab.

The end result was that depending upon the setup that I was running my earnings varied from 3 cents to 11.4 cents per hour (which equates to $2.75 a day). I’ve actually been able to improve upon that number over the last few weeks and I’ve been cashing out $5.00 to my PayPal account at least every other day.

My Setup

What I found that worked the best was to go to Earnhoney‘s site and click on the matchedcars promotion at the top of the page. On the subsequent page find the ad that links to the matchedcars promotion (it’s the one that states you’ll earn $15 HD per hour). When you click on that another tab will open up.  Don’t look at it yet.  Instead click on “watch” in the left column and then start the video which pops up.

earnhoney example #1

At that point go to the tab that was opened and find the link to the matched cars website (you might have to wait here… I think there’s a 20 second delay between when you opened the tab and when the page with the link will appear).

earnhoney example #2

This page could either be a google result or their facebook page but it doesn’t matter which one it is as both will get you where you need to go. Once you click on the link to matched cars start the video there.

earnhoney example #3

And then sit back.

I titled this post how I earn $3.00 a day on an old laptop.  That was actually a little bit off.  Over the last week Earnhoney has been averaging about $3.20 a day.  In addition, I’m running another program which should be generating about $1.20 a day.  I’m waiting until I receive a cash out before I bring it up here.  Finally there’s another program which I hope will bring in another $.60 a day (that’s further down the line).  If it works out then the laptop that sat on a shelf will be earning close to $150 a month.

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