Lucktastic – Guilty Pleasure

I don’t know why I like Lucktastic but I do. Theoretically there’s nothing about this I should like.  It’s not passive, it recreates scratch and win tickets (which I don’t like). The payouts take forever to accomplish. BUT… I find myself turning this on 3 or 4 times a week.

So with that out of the way, here’s my review.

Lucktastic is an ad-supported, free-to-play virtual scratch card webapp available for iPhone and Android phones. There are about a half a dozen daily virtual scratch cards available within the app, with prizes ranging from $1 to $5000. There are also a couple of cards that only award tokens. Actually every card awards a few tokens via a bonus area. After it’s all said and done with, you will very very rarely win a cash prize but you will earn about 1000 tokens per day played. 1000 tokens is sort of equivalent to $.35 (It’s hard to nail down specifically because there is quite a bit of variation in card prices. I’m basing my number on a $50 Amazon Gift Card.)

Tokens can be used to purchase all sorts of gift cards.  After 4 months I have yet to cash out anything so I can’t speak to how quickly payouts occur, but according to other reviews they happen fairly quickly. I’m saving up for a $50 Amazon Gift Card which costs 130,000 tokens.  I estimate at my current rate of play that means I’ll earn somewhere around $100 per year. So for my accounting purposes I set this at $8 a month.  If I was more religious in my playing this might bump up to $12 per month.

It’s not a whole lot. And it definitely isn’t passive but when my wife has “The Real Housewives” of wherever on I find myself scratching these stupid tickets on Lucktastic .

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