InstaGC- Passive Income (for an Ipad)

Several years ago the school I work at received a grant that gave 50 Ipad’s to it’s teachers.  I was one of the ones who was lucky enough to receive one.  The Ipad worked great for 2 years, but gradually (as ios updated) has become slower and slower.  At this point the thing is nearly unusable.  It’s been sitting on a shelf for the better part of the last year.

I’ve wanted to add it to my passive income stream but hadn’t been able to find a program which would reliably run on it. However, a couple of days ago I found a program called InstaGC.  I had looked at InstaGC several months ago but at that point there weren’t any truly passive ways to make income.  I don’t want to fill out surveys.  I don’t want to complete offers.  I don’t want to bother with inputting a code when it’s emailed to me.  I want to set my device up and promptly forget about it.

But now, InstaGC ALMOST fits this bill.

InstaGC has instituted an option to be paid points to watch videos. For every 5 videos you watch you’ll receive 1 point.  100 points is equivalent to $1.00. You’ll find this option under the “earn / videos” tab on the website. (I’m hesitant to link directly to the page because I’ve heard stories of people being banned for linking directly to that page. It’s located at if you want to copy and paste that into your browser.)

Here’s the thing though, after accruing 5-10 points the video player will need to be refreshed. Effectively this means about every 45 minutes to an hour the device will stop earning points and need to be refreshed. My workaround for this is that I’ve moved my Ipad to a an unobtrusive spot that I walk by several times a day and every time I walk by it I spend the extra 3 seconds it takes to refresh the page (whether it needs to be refreshed or not).  So far I’m remembering to do this 5 or 6 times a day and in so doing am averaging about 50 points (50 cents) per day.  Not great and not totally passive but at least I’ve found something that the Ipad can sort of do.

Let me make this clear, the only thing as of right now I’m suggesting you run InstaGC on are ios devices that nothing else will work on. There are better options for nearly everything else.

At this point I’ve been using InstaGC for a total of 3 days and have just over 160 points.  Once I’ve been running the program for a month I’ll post a follow up with my overall results.


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