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smore1The S’more Lockscreen App might be my favorite passive income app.

I have always had a lockscreen on my smartphone that would require me to swipe up to unlock the phone. The S’more Lockscreen App requires me to swipe up to unlock my phone. It literally requires me to do EXACTLY what I was ALREADY doing!


And for the trouble of doing exactly what I was already doing they’ll pay me 10 cents a day to keep this app installed on my phone. Technically the award me 10 points a day and I can trade those points in for Amazon Gift Cards.The first withdrawal requires 150 points after that each withdrawal can be made at 100 points.  The codes are sent immediately to the email address used to sign up for the account and those codes can be applied to you Amazon account as soon as they’re received.

Now 10 cents a day isn’t going to fund my retirement, but it is an extra ~$35 a year for doing EXACTLY what I was ALREADY doing.  (And possibly $70 if I decide to install this on my wife’s phone.)

I don’t know whether I should install this on my wife’s phone. I love this app so much I don’t want to run the chance of having my account banned.  According to the TOS you can have 1 device per account but you can also have multiple accounts. I know that several people have multiple accounts running but I also know that several who have multiple accounts that have them all banned. According to what I’ve read what triggered the bans were redeeming these accounts all on the same day.

This is an android only app.  IOS devices are out of luck as Apple doesn’t want 3rd parties to have access to the lock screen.

If you have an Android phone, I can not recommend theS’more Lockscreen App enough.

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