Hot Wheels – Speedometry

I stopped by the school this morning and found a present waiting for me.

Box delivered to school full of Hot Wheels Speedometry

I totally forgot that I had signed up for a classroom kit called “Hot Wheels – Speedometry“.  I think I filled out the form sometime in February, but it just as easily could have been October.  I know it was last year sometime.  Regardless it showed up in the mail at the school sometime this summer.

The kit contains 40 cars (5 designs x 8 cars) and enough track and loops to make I’m guessing 8 classroom sets (possibly 16 depending on the activity).

Loop and Cars
Loop and Cars

This might give you a better idea of what and how much is in the box.  The 5 packages each have 8 cars in them.  The loop that I made has 4 sections of track (looking at the instructions I should have only used 2 pieces of track on the loop).  The box contains 112 pieces of track and parts to make 16 loops.  There are also 16 plastic clamps to attach the track to a table top.

Seriously… It’s a bunch of stuff.  And the best thing about it was the cost.  Free Dollars.

Great resource for grade school teachers.  All sorts of science applications are possible (with a stopwatch): distance, time, speed, mass, maybe average acceleration and momentum… that might be taking it too far for the little ones though.

On the Hot Wheels website I link above they also have lesson plans for 2 units covering I think a total of 12 days.

Now if Vernier would just decide to send me 8 sets of Kinematics gear…

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How can I get a kit like this?