A little over a year ago I decided not to renew the hosting contract I had with GoDaddy.  I wasn’t using the website and it seemed like a waste of $10 a month.  It was at this time that I also decided not to renew any of the domains I had hosted there except for this one.  My wife and I have been using this domain for our primary email addresses for over 10 years.  And as such I hated the idea of letting it go.

I didn’t realize (pay attention) to the fact that when you register your domain through GD you’re only given one email account to use.  After this was brought to my attention (Jen’s email quit working) I decided to use the one email account that was given to us for Jen’s email.  Over the course of ten years my jetshack email had been overrun by spammers.

As the year progressed I realized that I REALLY did like managing my own personal email account.  I looked at GD’s prices for an additional email account and thought they were excessive so I started looking elsewhere.

After a little bit of searching I found  I was going to sign up for their free package but then noticed that they were running a promotion for a paid service that cost 83 cents a month.  That paid service would allow me to bring the website back up.

And so, JetShack is back.


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