Change in Format

I’m making a change in how I add information to this site.  I’m realizing that I can’t maintain a twice a week post schedule and maintain quality in those posts.  My time is too limited. Also with as quick as these programs go in and out of fashion I absolutely won’t be able to keep up with keeping information on all of the programs that I use updated.

So, I’m going to make an attempt at creating quality pages over specific programs. These pages will be snapshots of how the program is currently working, if for some reason the program changes I won’t feel obligated to update the page to reflect this.

I’m currently working on an in depth review of the application called Qriket. My hope is to have it out at the end of this month.

This change in focus has been driven by the implosion (for me) of earnhoney and bing rewards. Over the last 30 days I’ve earned a grand sum total of $15.82 with earnhoney and Microsoft completely changing their rewards program works caused my earning with them to crater to nothing.

Opportunity vs Frustration – It’s how you look at it

Last week was rough. Several of the programs that I use were hit with bad ads that brought earnings to a near halt. However, instead of becoming frustrated with the situation I looked at it as an opportunity to find new options.

Freaking Beauty and the Beast

Perk was hit with a nasty ad for Beauty and the Beast. I came home at one point and all 12 of my perk phones were stuck on that one ad. In the process of resetting the farm I started to laugh. Literally, by the time I had reset the 12 phones half of them were stuck on that ad again.

Beauty and the Beast Ad

The Beauty and the Beast ad also found it’s way into the passive Swagbucks apps. I also think I say it on Checkpoints once.

Rewardable TV – Being Awesome Again

One thing I noticed was that the two phones I just bought that were running Rewardable hadn’t been hit by the Beauty and the Beast ad. So, I looked up the ToS for RewardableTV and saw that I could run 7 devices on it. And so I jumped at that opportunity.

I also found a couple of new programs. One that looked intriguing was called Adfun. I’m currently testing it out on 3 phones to see how it works. Right now, I think I’m impressed (with a couple of caveats). If it works out Adfun could end up solving a HUGE problem that arises when large farms are hit with a bad ad across multiple programs. I should have a better idea on this by the end of the week. If it works out I’ll write more about it then.

New(ish) Fires on the way

Kindle Fire Opportunity

One other thing I noticed about the Beauty and the Beast ad was that it hadn’t showed up once on my Kindle Fire. This really made me want to get my hands on some more Fires.  I couldn’t justify spending $50 each on new ones so I stared scouring Craigslist and Ebay.  But I couldn’t find any there that I liked either.  And then I saw someone mention Amazon Warehouse Deals.  So I after googling that I was pleasantly surprised to find that Amazon offers refurbished Fires for $26 each.  So I bought 4 using giftcards I’d picked up through Swagbucks. (Every month I pick up 1 $25 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks because the first one purchased every month can be picked up for $22).  They should arrive in the next couple of days.

This means that in the next couple of days my PerkTV farm will be completely run on Amazon Fires.  This should give me the opportunity to have a big bump in my perk earnings. I’ll then see if any of the other Perk Apps will run on the Kindle.  If they do, then I’ll roll the additional Perk earnings into purchasing some more Fires.

RewardableTV using Pixi Eclipses – Good so far

New Alcatel Pixi Eclipses Phones

RewardableTV might have just entered into my farm routine.  I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to pick up a couple of phones for my farm.  The phones I had planned on picking up weren’t in stock so I took a gamble and picked up 2 Alcatel Pixi Eclipses.  They were on sale for $14.40 (current price $19.99).

Pixi Eclipse

Once the phones were home and opened, I started charging them.  While they were charging I attempted to load PerkTv on them.  But that didn’t work.  So I tried to load checkpoints on them.  But that didn’t work either.  I then tried to load the YooLotto app on it.  But once again no luck.

I was starting to become frustrated so I went to reddit to see if anyone had had any luck with these phones.  I couldn’t find any mention of them.  So then I started looking for other passive app programs which I had been ignoring.

RewardableTVRewardableTV Logo

This is when I stumbled onto RewardableTV. I loaded their app on the phones without any issues. Once that was done, I created my account, and then I set the phones up in my farm.  I checked back in an hour later and the phones were at what equates to 50 cents. I did a double take on that, and then I did some math. Those 2 phones were on pace to make a combined $12 a day.

Now that the phones have been running for 24 hours I’m starting to get a better idea of their earning potential.  While not as stellar as that initial estimate, over the course of the last 24 hours those 2 phones have earned $2.25.  Which makes sense because that’s about a dollar a day per phone and there’s a 7 device limit per account and per IP.  7 phones would be making a little more than $7 a day.

I’m going to let these two phones run for the remainder of this month and if they keep up this pace I’ll buy 5 more of the Eclipses to bring my total to 7 for the start of next month.

RewardableTV is fairly new into the mobile app game and there has been some growing pains recently.  Unlike others I am much more apt to overlook this because of how passive this app is.  The electricity cost per phone is about 5 cents per month.  As long as this app is earning that I’ll let it continue to run.

Blog Earnings – August 2016 (First Post)

Blog EarningsWebsite Earnings

Today I’ll be starting a new monthly post detailing what this website’s earnings were over the previous month. I’ve seen some other sites that have done this.  However, I don’t think that I’ve seen any provide data from Day 1 though (or month 1 as the case may be).


Let me be absolutely clear.  I have no idea how to properly monetize a website.  This is going to be a learning experience for me.  I’m creating a new category called Site Income that I’ll place these posts under. I’m hopeful that over the course of time we’ll see this website become my top earner.  (Although it is far from passive.  I spend a lot of time on this, but it’s more cathartic than anything else.)

I’ve decided to add earnings from referrals into this category.  For example, for the month of August my total earnings from Earnhoney were $66.12. However, $1.12 was earned from referrals. Since the only place I made referrals from were this website it seems to make sense that the website earned the money.

Are you ready for this? In August earned $1.12 (from 8 referrals).



In addition to referrals, I’ll include any money this website makes through:

  1. advertisements
  2. guest posts
  3. Sponsored posts
  4. text link sales
  5. I don’t know what else

I’ll come up with a specific criteria for what is considered website and what’s considered programs earnings. But basically, my thought is that programs are what a reasonable person could expect to earn solely from running the programs I cover. Website earnings are the earnings that are made from covering the programs via this website.  In my head it makes sense.

Going forward I hope that this ends up with something that has to be tabulated and is more exciting but for now…

Convert Autosurf Traffic to Manual Traffic

When I started trying to monetize old Raspberry Pi’s, I didn’t realize the rabbit hole I was going down. After nearly a month of tinkering I’m only slightly closer to turning those Raspberry Pi’s into money makers.  However, I think I’ve stumbled on a way to convert traffic earned on any autosurf into manual traffic.  There is some conversion loss, BUT…  In my head I’d gladly give up 10 autosurf hits for one actual eyeball.

100% Legal

I also don’t think any ToS are being broken using this method. As in this is 100% legit. The freaky thing is how simple it is to pull off.

Convert Traffic Exchanges

It works like this, create an account at Hitlink.  After that, login to the members area and look under the Manage Ads tab for a sub tab called “Ad Exchange”.  Finally, highlight the ad exchange code and place it on a landing page.  It’ll look like this.

Now point any autosurf traffic that you have to this landing page.

The Result

Hitlink will give you credit for the all of the traffic that is sent to the landing page.  You can use that credit in their manual surf exchange and point that traffic to something that would be great for an actual eyeball to see.

It’s seriously that simple to convert traffic  generated by botting and turn it into traffic which has to manually click through.  What sort of affects will it have on conversion rates?

I’m going to let this run for a few days and see what happens.  If it works the way I hope I’ll spend a few days trying to find other traffic exchanges which let you convert traffic in this manner.  (In addition to working on Part 3 of the Raspberry Pi article – finding autosurfs that work).

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